Code of Sharing

Last Updated on 03/04/2024

C4EC Foundation is a not-for-profit company with a mission to create a global action hub that rekindles the imagination and enables System Orchestrators to catalyse exponential change.

Attribution: When C4EC Foundation is mentioned or expressed in various artefacts such as papers, publications, inserts in respective collaterals, blogs, presentations, proposals, websites, videos, talks, comments, speeches and any other form of expression not specifically mentioned here proper attribution must be provided.

If C4EC Foundation is mentioned in documents (digital and / or print) in any form whatsoever including but not limited to text, presentation, brochures, banners, other digital, printable items, it could say, “CC BY SA 4.0 International License, C4EC Foundation, Copyright © 2024 C4EC Foundation”.

In case there is a need to insert the logo or any other visual, it may be done as per the C4EC Foundation brand guidelines, which can be accessed by contacting us at

Furthermore, in case C4EC Foundation is mentioned in video files, audio files such as podcasts, webinars or other forms, you may add text or create a Creative Commons audio file to orally tell the user of the license and attribution.

It would not be appropriate to mention C4EC Foundation or a member of the C4EC Foundation, as a partner, consultant and / or advisor in the context of your respective project or programme. An explicit and adequately visible attribution, as described above, that the C4EC Foundation is being used in accordance with the license, would be sufficient. For any further clarification, please feel free to reach out to us.