Inspiring Ripples of Change TOGETHER

Big change begins with
the way we think...

For all of human history, our thinking has been limited to local, linear frameworks. Over the recent decades, the breathtaking advances of technology have broadened the possibilities for our future, exponentially. 

Our challenge now is to reimagine social change on an exponential scale.

We must think of an innovative way of initiating small changes that makes even more changes possible – a domino-effect – leading to bigger, rapid social change.

Discover deas
that create
greater, more rapid

The Centre for Exponential Change (C4EC) is a unique space that brings together meaningful ideas with the potential to create powerful exponential change.

At C4EC, we work with a network of social visionaries, risk-takers, builders, maverick leaders, and committed believers to shift from linear thinking to exponential problem-solving.

After all,
a change-of-view
can change everything.

Start the journey
to exponential change

At C4EC, we believe that exponential change can be created by exploring new and innovative ideas, acting collectively, and by sharing what we know.

Reimagine the future

Start with a bold, inspired vision of a better and more sustainable future for all of society.

Act with purpose

Put good ideas into practise as a social experiment, a pilot project or a behavioural change.

Share the learning

Create opportunities for like minded people and teams to share knowledge, innovations and new approaches.

Bring exponential
change to life

C4EC works through diverse change-leaders to bring exponential change to life.

From inspiring social thinking to embedding digital technological, these practices are part of a growing ecosystem that seeks to create a better future for all.

Societal Thinking is a way to reimagine and realise exponential change. This systemic approach was developed through many “Do-Think-Do” cycles with global change leaders. These cycles helped distil the learning into a set of core values, design principles & frameworks open for everyone to use and build upon. is a digital infrastructure enabling social change leaders to amplify the Collective Wisdom of their ecosystem through exponential technologies. It empowers the ecosystem to solve large complex social problems while strengthening the focus on communities to create impact at scale.

Tell us your stories of exponential change

Tell us about your experience of a small change that eventually had an effect on a surprising scale, or a change that seemed to suddenly disrupt a long-established segment.